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Local iPad 4 repair Tempe store will fix your iPad fast and for less.  If you have a cracked or broken display on your iPad 4 bring it by and we can fix it with our same day service.  If you need quality iPad 4 repair Tempe service then call us today for more information or just stop in.  Our highly trained technicians are experts at repairing all of your electronic devices including iPad 4 Tempe repairs.  The iPad 4 from Apple was one of the most innovative tablets to every be designed and due to its user-friendliness, abundance of apps, and connectivity, buyers truly enjoy the experience of their device. If you’ve found that you need ipad 4 screen repair or your device is having other issues, such as not charging, damaged home button or more you can trust that the pros over here at our Tempe repair shop will diagnose the problem and get it fixed with ease.

Customers are encouraged to make an appointment, to ensure adequate time to analyze your broken device; however, walk-in are more than welcome! We are here for all of your iPad 4 repair Tempe service needs.  We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our repairs.

List of iPad 4 Repair Tempe Service

DIAGNOSTICS – FREEThe best way to figure out the problem with your iPad is to give it a full diagnostic examination. Before we fix your phone, we inform you of the issues and repair costs to make sure you want to salvage your device.
Digitizer glass repair
DIGITIZER (GLASS) REPLACEMENT – WiFi MODEL – $75One of the most common breakages with iPads is the glass front, known as the digitizer. If yours is broken, usage may be minimal or non-existent. Get back to listening to your favorite songs today, by bringing in your device.
Digitizer glass repair
DIGITIZER (GLASS) REPLACEMENT – 3G MODEL – $75A broken digitizer will put a halt on your iPad fun, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you have one of our friendly and knowledgeable repairmen get your broken display swapped out for a new one!

LCD display repair

LCD ONLY REPLACEMENT – $130Another common issue that iPad owners face is a broken LCD display. Get your device looking and playing like new once again by having us replace your broken screen.
LCD & digitizer repair
LCD & DIGITIZER ONLY REPLACEMENT – $250Sometimes if the LCD display and digitizer are faulty, they must both be repaired. Not to worry, we offer a great deal on having these two swapped out at the same time. Simply call or click for details.
Power button repair
POWER BUTTON / VOLUME KEY FLEX CABLE ONLY – $120If your device’s power button isn’t working, chances are your device isn’t either. This is an easy fix for our guys – either we unstick the button or we replace it altogether with a new one.
Charging port repair
CHARGING PORT ONLY REPLACEMENT – $120It pretty much goes without saying. If you have a faulty charging port, your iPad enjoyment time is going to dwindle down to nothing! Before you start missing your iPad, bring it in to us and we’ll get it charging up again.
WiFi function repair
WiFi ANTENNA ONLY REPLACEMENT – $120One of the greatest features of an iPad 4 is its ability to connect to the internet via WiFi. If you’re having problems connecting, you may have a damaged WiFi component. The good news is that this is an easy fix for us!