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 iPhone 4 Tempe Repair Service

iPhone 4 & 4s Repair

If you have damaged your iPhone 4 we are the iPhone 4 repair Tempe Professionals!  With our knowledge and experience, our iPhone 4 repair Tempe service will have your iPhone 4 Screen repair fixed fast!  Most iPhone 4 repairs only take 30 minutes!  If you are thinking that your phone is unfixable, give us a call.  We can diagnose your phone for free, and if we can’t repair it, there is no charge!

Fortunately, Phoenix iPhone Repairs is a specialist when it comes to  iPhone 4 repair Tempe.  Once you contact us, you can be sure that one of our experienced technicians will thoroughly assess your faulty device and recommend a course of action to get your phone functioning again.

If you need iPhone 4 repair Tempe and find that it isn’t working, won’t charge properly, or has broken glass, take it to our Tempe store and one of our team members will perform a free diagnostic service. Whether you want to drop in to speak to one of our technicians in person or make an appointment, we will properly analyze and address your phone’s issues. Call us today to have your iPhone 4 repaired!

List of iPhone 4 Repair Tempe Services


DIAGNOSTICS – FREEOne of our experts carefully inspects and analyzes your mobile device to discover both the problem and the solution, and informs you of the scenario before making corrections.

Audio jack repair

AUDIO JACK REPAIR – $50iPhones offer an amazing audio experience, unless the headphone/audio jack is broken. If this is your phone’s problem, let us fix the issue, so you can resume your downloads from iTunes.

Backcase repair

BACK CASING – $20Let our technicians restore the aesthetic beauty of your iPhone’s backcasing if yours has been cracked or badly scratched.

Battery repair

BATTERY REPAIR – $40We check your battery’s condition and if it’s found to be damaged, we’ll simply get it swapped out for a new one – a service we can often do while you wait.

Glass & LCD repair

GLASS & LCD REPAIR – $55Though your iPhone can still work with a broken or shattered screen (sometimes), it looks bad and unimpressive, so allow us to restore it to its original pristine state.

Camera repair

CAMERA REPAIR – $40Imagine having an opportunity for a perfect picture only to find out that your camera isn’t working? Don’t let this happen, start snapping off pictures again today!

Chargeport repair

CHARGING PORT REPAIR – $40When you can’t charge your phone, it’s literally a matter of time before you can’t use it anymore. Prevent a crisis by getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Earpiece repair

EARPIECE REPAIR – $40A phone with a faulty earpiece doesn’t have much use. If your earpiece seems to be malfunctioning, don’t run out and buy a new phone, simply let us make the repair.

Home button repair

HOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40If the home button on your phone doesn’t function or is stuck, you can rely on our technicians to fix it; getting you back to surfing the web and making phone calls again in no time.

Microphone repair

MICROPHONE REPAIR – $50Don’t allow a broken microphone to ruin every phone call you make or receive. Contact us today, so we can ensure your voice is heard loud and clear.

Power button repair

POWER BUTTON REPAIR – $50A faulty power button equates to a useless phone, so bring your device in as soon as possible and we’ll have it operating correctly with a swift cleaning or replacement.

Speaker repair

SPEAKER REPAIR – $40Without speakers that work properly, you’re forced to watch movies and listen to music solely via headphones. Not to mention, speaker phone is likely a problem. Not to worry, we fix this too!

Tilt sensor repair

TILT SENSOR REPAIR – $n/aOur team of iPhone pros quickly repair tilt sensors on iPhone devices, so you can get back to playing your favorite game apps.

VibratE repair

VIBRATE REPAIR – $40Silence is golden, but only when your phone is on vibrate! Don’t ruin your child’s next piano recital by allowing us fix the vibration function.


VOLUME BUTTON REPAIR – $50Don’t let the world hear your private conversations, give us your phone and take back control of your calls – or at least the volume of them!


WiFi REPAIR – $40Without Wi-Fi you may be forced to eat into your monthly data plan, which can cost you significantly more than having it fixed by our team!