iPhone 5C Repair Screen $80

iPhone 5C  Repair Tempe Service

iPhone 5c & 5s Repairs

We offer same day expert  iPhone 5C  Tempe repair  That cover both broken or damaged screens, glass and lcd as well as many other repairs including power button, charging port and battery replacement. If you have a cracked screen or your iPhone is acting glitchy bring it in and we can diagnose it for free.  iPhone 5C repair Tempe service is fast and affordable!  But first a little about the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C   comes in the classic gray, white, or the new gold motif, so be sure to choose one that suits your personality! They are simply a few of the best smartphones ever developed, with incredibly fast wireless, four-inch retina display, 8MP iSight Cameras, and fast iOS. In simple terms the  iphone 5C have so many features that it is easy to become attached to one, and if something breaks we are here to help repair your devices.

Our technicians specialize in iPhone 5C repair Tempe and are very capable of fixing cracked screens, power supplies, and speakers to name just a few of the most common problems.  If you’re in the area and are experiencing an issue with your phone, have one of employees diagnose the problem on the spot. To schedule an appointment at our Tempe repair shop, please call (480) 434-0894 or click here to request a senior member of our team get in touch with you.

List of iPhone  5C Repair Tempe Services

DIAGNOSTICS – FREERegardless of the issue(s) with our iPhone 5C repair Tempe service we will diagnose the problem for free!
Audio Jack Repair
AUDIO JACK REPAIR – $60If your audio jack is broken that is something that we can fix it fast and for a great price.
Back Casing Repair
BACK CASING – $100A cracked case is a very common issue we see with iPhone 5C. Just bring it in for our expert technicians to repair for you fast.
Batter Repair
BATTERY REPAIR – $40If your battery is not holding a charge on your iPhone 5C we can fix that for you today.
Glass & LCD Repair
GLASS & LCD REPAIR – $110So your iPhone 5C screen needs to be repaired, we have got you covered because our experts can fix that for you right away – usually in 30 minutes or less.
Camera Repair
CAMERA REPAIR – $40What fun is a camera phone without a working camera? No fun at all! So bring it in to our shop today and we’ll have you taking pictures like a pro.
Charging Port Repair
CHARGING PORT REPAIR – $40If your iPhone 5C is not charging we can replace that charging port for you quickly, no worries.
Earpiece Repair
EARPIECE REPAIR – $40When you are talking, but you can’t hear, we can get that problem fixed today on your iPhone 5C.
Home Button Repair
HOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40Home button stuck or not working? This can be very annoying, but we can fix this for you with no problems at all- so stop by today and we’ll have you on your way fast.
Microphone Repair
MICROPHONE REPAIR – $60Hello, hello can you hear me? The price on this iPhone 5C repair is $40.
Power Button Repair
POWER BUTTON REPAIR – $50If your iPhone 5C power button doesn’t work, you can’t turn it on or off or lock the screen easily. Not to worry, this is an easy repair for our trained experts.
Speaker Repair
SPEAKER REPAIR – $40Anyone who’s experienced a poorly working speaker knows how frustrating every phone call can be. If your phone’s speaker volume or control is broken, bring it in today.
Vibrate Repair
VIBRATE REPAIR – $60When your vibrate button is not working we have iPhone 5S repair Tempe service that will have your silent mode working again.
Volume Button Repair
VOLUME BUTTON REPAIR – $40If your volume button is stuck on your iPhone 5C it is probably your volume flex cable that is the culprit. Our experts can fix this for you today.
Wifi Repair
WiFi REPAIR – $50Without WiFi connectivity, you may be forced to use data from your monthly plan and without an unlimited usage package, this could end up costing you.